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To better care for our uninsured patients and those who are not covered for part or all of the cost of their exam, MRI Imaging Center is introducing a new plan to offer low cost radiology exams directly to our patients.

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How it works

  • You provide information about the exam you need, the doctor requesting the exam and when you are available to complete the exam.
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  • We confirm that we can provide the exam that your doctor needs and get a referral form sent to us.
  • We call you with the discounted price for your exam and to schedule your exam.
  • You arrive at MRI Imaging Center at the scheduled time and pay by cash or credit card; we provide you with a receipt to present to your insurance company (if applicable)
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  • The exact cost for your exam depends on the type of exam requested and whether your doctor requires the use of contrast dye but for all exams we offer the lowest prices for self-pay patients !
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 Why it is so inexpensive

  • Some appointment times are harder for us to fill than others and sometimes patients cancel their appointments at the last minute.  We prefer to offer those appointments at greatly reduced rates than not use our equipment.  The more flexilble you can be in accepting an appointment time and the closer to the appointment we can call you, the better price we can offer!
  • Most prices offered to patients by imaging centers are higher than what they receive from insurance companies.  We believe that prices for patients who must pay for their own care should be lower and so we offer the best prices that we can.
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